About us

Noden International is a privately owned commodities trading business that was set up in 2008 by a team of industry professionals with more than 60 years of combined trading experience in the commodities sector. The business initially traded in finished steel products but as the team grew, the trading department expanded to encompass ferrous raw materials.

The team is headed up by David Rawlings, holding more than 30 years relevant industry experience, having held senior trading roles in multi-national commodity traders, with further qualifications obtained in derivatives which introduced paper trading in scrap and rebar futures.

All Noden’s employees hold graduate or post-graduate degrees, combined with  knowledge gained from their time in industry, having an extensive database of contacts from which to draw from.

Noden International trades primarily as principle, but holds some exclusive agencies, and occasionally operate as commission agents helping to expand the business profile of other trading firms. Its business scope spans four continents, with liaison offices in most of the major global trading hubs for both raw materials and finished steel products.

Noden works with a number of finance banks, mostly notably Barclays Capital in the UK, and other major EU banks.