Raw Materials Division

Ferrous Scrap

HMS 1 / 2

Ratio: 80:20

HMS Shredded Scrap

4A Bales

Cleaned Incinerator

OA Scrap / Plates & Girders

Plate and Structural Scrap Metal, Including plate, girder and wagon scrap - all which are over 6mm in thickness and cut to below 1.50m x 0.60m x 0.60m.

Ferrous By-Products

Desulphurised Pig Iron Pieces


Fe80 Metallic

Desulphurised Pig Iron Blocks

Max 1.5 Mt

Fe85 Metallic

Beach (Plate) Iron

Max 750kg

Fe90 Metallic

Beach (Plate) Iron

Max 1.5 MT

Fe90 Metallic

Beach (Plate) Iron


Fe90 Metallic


Max 1.5 MT

Fe75 Metallic

Iron Oxide Products


Fe62% min

Iron Ore Lumps

Fe64% min

Iron Metallics

Pig Iron

GOST Standard

Hot Briquetted Iron

Min 93% Metallic